Cincinnati Bengals Under 9.5 regular season wins +135

First future of the year. Short summary:

Cincinnati Bengals Under 9.5 regular season wins

Last year the situation for Andy Dalton was perfectly drawn. It couldn’t get any better for a QB. I think Aaron Rodgers would have gone 16-0 with the Bengals last season:

– Top-5 offensive line
– Great offensive coordinator
– Probably the best receiving-tandem in Eifert/Green plus Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu. 2nd-fewest failed receptions of all units.
– Good running game to take care for short downs
– Great defensive efficiency, great secondary play with a top-5 safety-tandem. Vance Joseph did a good job, taking away deep completions ect.

No Hue Jackson, no Sanu, no Marvin Jones and probably no Eifert for 1-4 weeks. Andy Dalton will regret to the mean without a doubt. Tyler Boyd and Brandon LaFell aren’t Jones/Sanu next season. Green will see more double-coverage. Kroft can’t replace Eifert. We saw what the missing of Eifert did to the Bengals in 2014. Andrew Whitwhorth is still one of the best LTs, but he doesn’t get younger as he turns 35 in December. C Bodine isn’t good, but it was compensated. RT Andre Smith had a poor season but Eric Winston, who is currently projected as the starter, isn’t any better. The Bengals didn’t trust Winston so they played around him (e.g. Texans game). We don’t know what to expect from Ogbuehi and Fisher though. Ogbuehi comes off an ACL tear.

No Nelson, no Hall, no Vance Joseph and no Burfict for weeks 1-3. Where will Karlos Dansby play? Will he start? Will he play at ILB? Derron Smith at FS? Maybe not so good. Dre Kirkpatrick at #2 or William Jackson? Jackson might be the better option after last season. How much has Adam Jones left in the tank? What about Dennard? This isn’t the same defense as last season without their secondary whisperer. The LB corps was average even with Burfict.

This Bengals team is heavily downgraded from 2015. In addition, we will see a different Ravens team with a vertical offense that should get more in both matchups than 0-2 last year. The Steelers are still the Steelers with a defense that was very solid last season and the return of Le’Veon Bell. Regarding the Bengals schedule, the AFC East & NFC East are no cupcake games. If Eifert isn’t ready during the first three weeks, the Bengals will miss Burfict and Eifert against the Jets and Steelers both on the road and at home vs. the Broncos. A 1-2 start, even a 0-3 start is probable. Then they get the Dolphins at home and got b2b road games at Dallas and New England. Tough stretch to start. A 2-4 start is possible and then the season total would be a gimme as they would have to go 8-2 in their L10.

Under 9.5 at +135 is incredible value when summing up what I’ve said above.


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