The QB Management at New York, Houston and Jacksonville

New York

What else can you do other than laughing at the Jets?

2015: The Jets benefit from one of the easiest schedules in NFL history. Ryan Fintzpatrick plays bad but opposing defenses and a top-3 WR duo overshadow his poor ball placement.

January 2016: Todd Bowles declares that Fintzpatrick would be the unquestioned starter.

April 2016: Mike Maccagnan admitted that he watched every College snap of Christian Hackenberg. So he goes on and takes the guy with a 2nd-round pick.

August 2016: No team in the league went after Fintzpatrick, but the Jets pay him $12M per year.

Let’s just put Hackenberg’s recent performances at Penn State aside here:

Sitting a guy to learn behind a good QB makes sense and several examples of the past prove that case. But we are talking about Ryan Fintzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty. The latter one explained during summer that he is now able to read coverages in Madden.

So a guy you watched every snap of and you are so excited about that you take him in the 2nd round can’t beat out Ryan Fintzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty? The Jets prefered a banged up Fintzpatrick over Christian Hackenberg on Sunday to be the backup vs. the Rams.

Dear New York Jets: you are 3-7. Your season is OVER. You don’t start Ryan Fintzpatrick. You either start Bryce Petty or much better, you start Christian Hackenberg and test out your 2nd-round investment. If you do so, you will have two choices next year:

A) Hackenberg proves himself to be the future, you have found your QB.

B) Hackenberg turns out as a bust and you have a top-5 pick to pick Deshone Kizer or Deshaun Watson or Brad Kaaya or Mitch Trubisky or someone else.

But moving on with Fintzpatrick is the worst option the Jets have.



Bill O’Brien the QB whisperer. Make no mistake and measure a QB’s performance by the team record. This is probably the worst offense ever to start 6-3. Brock Assweiler is the 2nd-worst starting QB in the league right now. And the Texans just paid him $72M over four years along with $37M fully guaranteed. Every guy who watched his 7 games at Denver last year knew that he wasn’t a quality starting QB. Poor ball placement, terrible throwing mechanics, terrible decision-making under pressure and a terrible deep ball. The two dimes early in the season were outliers. So let’s take a look at the starting QBs the ‘QB whisperer’ Bill O’Brien installed at Houston:

Ryan Fintzpatrick
Case Keenum
Ryan Mallett
Brian Hoyer
Brandon Weeden
T.J. Yates
Brock Assweiler
Brian Hoyer

My prediction is that they won’t make the playoffs based on different angles. If they don’t make it, Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith will be without a job in January.



Blake Bottles is the worst starting QB in the league. This guy hasn’t developed since the draft. Last year he was a Fantasy killer because Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson bailed him out in garbage time with their crazy catch radius. Per ProFootballTalk:

‘Check out Bortles’ career stats by quarter:

First quarter: 1,598 yards, 4 touchdowns
Second quarter: 2,356 yards, 15 touchdowns
Third quarter: 1,912 yards, 13 touchdowns
Fourth quarter: 3,364 yards 26 touchdowns

Bortles puts up huge stats in the fourth quarters of games. Now, if Bortles were doing that while leading fourth-quarter comeback wins, it would be one thing. But the Jaguars are 10-26 in Bortles’ 36 career starts, and Bortles has engineered just five game-winning drives in his three NFL seasons.’

This guy is flat out terrible. His throwing mechanics have nothing to do with being a QB. He can’t run this offense. But what did the Jaguars do? They fired the OC to promote the guy who was responsible for Bottles’ development. Good job, Jaguars! Gus Bradley, David Caldwell and Blake Bottles can’t have a job in January.

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